Rain dropping into water is a fantastic sight. Just watching it “ker-plop” into the water and cause a shockwave that meets other shockwaves. I think it implies the same enjoyment people feel when they jump into a puddle of water, or dip their toes into a lake. 
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white noise and white sheets. start off gentle and end violently. we melt the winter off our cold skin until were sticking to the sheets. its not like a song. its not like poetry. its not the choppy quick scenes in R-rated movies. its real. you feel the pain. you feel the pleasure. you feel that warm hand on the small of your neck and you dig your nails deep. you fight back. you lose everything and you fade away. the city outside your window goes quiet. the lights in your room start to dim. you stop caring about work. you stop caring about bills. you stop caring about everything. stronger than six shots of whiskey deep, your body feels weak. you swallow each breath i take and you spit it out. you stop caring about being loud. and for just a split second you die. no suicide note. no last words. just a feeling of being lost in peace.
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i had to keep apologizing for taking so many pictures, she said it was alright and she would be taking as many too if she had a better camera.
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they wait

what are they waiting for??

they wait
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text reads: this doesn’t compare to the feel of your skin


always loved this
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i love this picture of my mom because she just gave birth and she not even impressed

will u ever be proud of me mom
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